Growing certain heirloom vegetables in Colorado can be a challenge but the patience and wisdom of our farmer, Ilse Anderson has proven we can efficiently grow some seriously beautiful food in this dry climate. Often the creativity in farming is easily over-looked but we’re proud of Ilse’s ability to find elegant solutions that grow great food. For example, we used to heat our green houses with huge, energy sucking heaters. She found a way to build smaller, insulated beds from recycled materials that gently warm our tasty plants and are a fraction of the cost. This method makes it affordable to keep us in gorgeous greens all year round...


The Season's Harvest


…and much, much more. The more the Chef’s from our restaurants learn about various greens and unique vegetables, the more they keep their eyes open for great tasting varieties they want to work with Ilse to grow. Early on, Alex that insisted Ilse come stag in our kitchens in order to best understand how our Chefs are using the farm’s produce. You can find these lovingly raised, incredible tasting food gifts from mother nature at our restaurants: Mercantile Dining & Provisions in Union Station and Fruition Restaurant on 6th Ave, both in Denver, CO

Are you interested in having our cheese on your menu or in your store? Please contact us. It could be the beginning of a beautiful food relationship.